Building People

Fellowship India CHURCH

Project Vandavasi is an initiative of Fellowship India Church to help the poverty stricken rural areas of Vandavasi and enable them to come out of poverty.

If you would like to support this project or get more details regarding the same, please contact us at.
Ph : +91 98844 92194
Email: [email protected] 


We are a young, vibrant and dynamic Full Gospel Pentecostal Church at Chennai, Tamil Nadu with strong biblical foundations and a tremendous appetite for revival. The heart and soul of the Fellowship India Church is to connect people with the living God.

We desire to see change in our fellowman and strive to become a catalyst for change. We are embracing our city with love, compassion and the hope of a faithful God. We have been witnessing and experiencing these changes around us.

Strong family foundations are taught & practiced, a desire for fellowship & true friendship is highly encouraged. Young children are taught to excel & to be the best in all they do.

Come! Join us at Fellowship India and you will enjoy your time with us! 



The Pastor and his family

Jeff Abraham and his wife Shirley have two children Rebecca & Philip. They live in Chennai, India near the corporate headquarters of Fellowship India Church.