About Us


Jeff Abraham was born on December 19, 1967, at the coal-mining town of Neyveli, his family set up residence in the fast developing city of Chennai. In 1973 he moved to Bahrain in the Middle East & did his basic education there. He moved back to Bangalore to finish his college education & it was here that life took on a new meaning when he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.


Although he knew he was called for ministry, like Jonah, he decided to pursue his field of work at Dubai. He was married in 1991 and the turning point in his life was when he went on a 40 day fast & it was during this time that the Lord gave him clear instructions to step into ministry.He is also a Leadership Trainer, International Speaker & Management Consultant.


His wife Shirley, an anointed worship leader, Speaker and Intercessor is also a Public Relations Consultant. They live in Chennai, India near the Church & corporate headquarters of Fellowship India Church. They have two children Rebecca & Philip who are pursuing their University studies at Australia.

"Do what you can,

with what you have"